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Filters for Process Industries

Industrial Filtration Products 

  • Bag and Cartridge Liquid Filter Housings and Engineered Systems
  • High Pressure Filters to 20,000 PSI
  • Nominal and Absolute Rated Filter Bags and Cartridges
  • High Flow Cartridge Filtration Systems with Extreme Loading Filters
  • High Purity Water and Sanitary Filters
  • Parts, Accessories and Instrumentation
  • Strainers – Simplex, Duplex, Automatic Self Cleaning Models
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Hydro-Cyclones
  • Indexing Media Filters
  • Sand Filters, Replacement Sand and Laterals
  • Clarifiers and Water Treatment Systems
  • Oil Water Separators and Oil Capture Filter Elements
  • Oil Filtration Systems, Vacuum Dehydrators, Spin-On Filters, Breathers and Suction Strainers
  • Rentals: Bag Filter Housings and Oil Filtration Systems
  • Air/Gas Pipeline Filters, Air Intake Filters and Exhaust Mist Eliminators
  • Gas/Liquid Coalescers and Liquid/Liquid Separators
  • Compressed Air Filters and Dryers, Breathing Air Filters, Nitrogen Generators, Condensate Management
  • HVAC Filter Housings and Elements, HEPA Filters – Indoor Air Quality
  • Vapor and Liquid Phase Adsorbers, Vessels and Bulk Carbon
  • Analyzer Filters and Lab Filters
  • Woven Wire Cloth and Fabrications, Wedgewire Screen, Custom Perforated Plate, Vibratory Screens, Hooked End Screens
  • Filtration Fabrics: Nonwovens and Precision Woven Synthetic Mesh, Filter Paper
  • Residential and Commercial Water Treatment Products: Point of Use Filters, Iron Removal Systems, Acid Reduction Systems, Softeners, R.O. Systems, Membranes

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