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Recent Process Filtration Projects

Olds Filtration provides nationwide service for industries requiring process filtration products and solutions. We offer engineered process filtration systems suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. We supply an impressive range of products, including replacement filter elements, filter bags, and filter cartridges. Below are a few examples of our recently completed projects.

MGDA Invicta Filter Housings:
Liquid filter housings for specialty chemical manufacturer containing innovative, patented, absolute rated cartridge filter elements offering high dirt-holding capacity and long filter life.

Stainless steel multi-media filter system
Stainless steel multi-media filter system designed for a 400 gpm potable water system in a specialty chemical plant. Layered filter media consists of sand, garnet and anthracite.

Sanitary Filter Housings:
Sanitary Bag Filter System consisting of 4 bag filter housings piped in series. Housings contain absolute rated, high-efficiency, pleated filter bags for distilled spirits filtration prior to bottling.

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